Yamaha A-Arms

We will build all Yamaha A-Arms from chromoly tubing to whatever configuration you want and as light or heavy as you want. Kits includes 4 A-Arms, 2 tie rods, and 4 ball joints. Stock bushings, sleeves, and tie rod ends are to be re-used. Our ball joints fit factory spindle taper with no reaming.

Configurations are described as follows:
Example +2"/+1" refers to 2" wider per side and 1" further forward

All prices below are for bare metal. Add $170.00 for chrome or $60 for powder coating.

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Standard Banshee A-arms
Light weight banshee A arms

Banshee A-Arms (standard)
Shown in bare metal.
+2"/+1" configuration

(this is how we would build your
arms unless ordered otherwise)


Banshee A-Arms (light weight)
Shown in optional chroming.
Using ball joints or lighter
weight 1/2" studded rod ends.


Raptor A arms
Banshee J Arms

Raptor A-Arms
Shown in chroming
+2"/+0" configuration.


Banshee J-Arms
Shown in bare metal.

Banshee Arm / spindle combo
YFZ 450 A-arms

Banshee A-Arm / spindle combo Lightest weight, smooth track only.

YFZ 450 A-Arms
Shown in bare metal
+2"/+1" configuration.


Yamaha A arms

Banshee Drag A-Arms
Extends wheel base forward
to keep weight on rear tires.

Image shows +0" / +3.5"
(Total weight of all parts in photo is 8 lbs.)

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