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Bearing Carriers
With Swingarm purchase Purchased seprately
Raptor $160.00 $199.00
Banshee $160.00 $199.00
Drag Axle
$199.00 $240.00
YFZ 450 $199.00 $240.00
LTZ 400 $199.00 $240.00
KFX 400 $199.00 $240.00
Add for anodizing $25.00 $30.00
Miscellaneous swingarm extras
Black chain slider $29.00
Banshee chain guide $19.00
Steel Braided brake line $50.00

Bearing carriers available in raw billet, red, purple, blue and black anodizing.

Adjustable wheelie bar
Steering Stem

Adjustable Wheelie Bar
Shown with optional chroming.
Fits most applications.

(Rear suspensions must be strutted.)

Light weight Banshee
Steering Stem


Steering Stem Vibe

Banshee anti-vibe
steering stem
Fits Lonestar handle bar mounts.



Custom Fuel Tanks
Built to your specifiactions for any application. Made from Aluminum or stainless steel. Can include laser cut flange to use "in tank" style fuel pumps.

Prices typically run from
$150.00 - $250.00

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