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Steering stem repair

Steering stem repairs
Bent steering stems repaired with chromoly.

Case Trenching / Boring

Over-ride transmission modifications

All work done on milling machine with rotary table, not porting tools.
Banshee 1-4 $299.00
Banshee 1-5 (includes gear) $425.00
Banshee 2-5 (includes gear) $425.00


Honda 250R $299.00
Honda TRX450 $299.00
Yamaha Raptor $330.00
Yamaha R-1 299.00
Yamaha YFZ450 $299.00
Banshee overide transmissions
Stock banshee front hubs
CNC Lathe parts

CNC lathe parts
Swingarm and A-Arm pivot tubes, nylon bushings, lower steering stem mounts, wheel spindles, threaded spuds, laser cut parts, etc.
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(We sell components to fab shops.)

Your Stock Yamaha Front Hubs
CNC milled for weight and appearance.

Polaris RZR and Polaris Ranger Crankshaft

Polaris RZR and Polaris Ranger
crankshaft trued and pinned

(prevents crankshaft from twisting under stressful conditions such as Turbocharging or additional RPM)

Street Bike Motor Conversions

Street Bike Conversions



Street Bike Motor Conversions
We can help you with your street bike motor project. Whether you want someone to do complete project, just do the frame mods, need custom parts or finish what someone else started and didn't finish. We have lots of experience with these projects.

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