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1000cc+  Rhinos

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Yamaha Rhino

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Parts needed for street bike motor
Rhino assuming it already has adequate
A-Arms and roll cage

Transmission (w. shipping) $3600
Spring loaded Reverse lever $120
Reverse actuator and mount $200 or
Make cable operated lever $200
1000cc Motor (estimated) $1500 or
1300cc Motor (estimated)  $3500
mount motor and transmission in bare frame, extend rear of frame $1500
air box w. 2 air filters $600
rear axle setup (complete) $900
chain $100
small fuel tank with flange for stock fuel pump $200 or
inline fuel pump and regulator to reuse stock fuel tank $300
fuel cell $200 or
alum tank (tank only) $325
radiator, fan, shroud, mnt. Tabs (not installed) $500
build shifter system (including hardware)
(requires stock shifter for splined end)
shifter boot plate $100
build exhaust system $300
Muffler (estimated) $100
Build rear fender support $200
Clutch master cylinder and mounting $180
Rear brakes (outboard) parts only $550 (estimated)
Total Cost:      $11,150 - $13,375  

Still needed

Wire motor, fuel pump, reverser, fan
mount instrument cluster
Mount radiator
Run water lines
Plumb fuel tank
Plumb fuel pump
Hyd. Clutch line
Brake lines
Clutch/brake switch
Mount brakes
Install chain
Make bed floor or cover
Out board seat mounting
New rear master cyl. ???
Labor to strip down rear of Rhino and reassemble
Header wrap to reduce heat
Fit motor shroud
Bleed brakes


Stock radiator may work, but doubtful  (would save apx. $600)
Stock motor, differentials, longer axles could be sold to recoup some costs
Reverse and differential could be sacrificed and save apx. $3200  (could be added later)
Stock air box could be used to save apx. $500  (would be ugly, very tall and stock air filter would need to be upgraded)


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Motor in action

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