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Offroad Golf Cart - for sale

As you may have guessed.... this isn't a golf cart at all. It was built as if it was going to be a mini-rail, but configured to fit E-Z Go plastic. The result is a vehicle with the performance characteristics of a motorcyle engined sand car with the look of a golf cart. I wanted a vehicle that was fast, well balanced, reliable, fun and safe and took advantage of the super popular golf cart trend at the time. Scroll down to view more details, photos and video!

Offroad golf cart



Built in 2004 Titled as E-Z Go
Motor 2003 GSXR 1000  /  Fuel Injected / Apx. 145 HP
Transmission 6 speed (no reverse)
Frame   1 1/2" round tube chromloy chassis
Roll cage 1 1/2" round tube chromoly
Rear suspension Trailing arms (chromoly)
Front suspension Double A-Arm (chromoy)
Shocks  1 Pro Shock coil over per corner and 1 KTM adjustable progressive dampening per corner
Brakes (front) Tatum 2 piston caliper (1 per wheel)
Brakes (rear) Tatum 2 piston caliper (1) on 11" disk
Clutch Hydraulic
Fuel Capacity just under 5 gallons
Air filters 3 K & N with Outer Wears
Front Ant-Sway bar
Amplifier and Triaxial speakers (for use with MP3 player)
Includes adjustable wheelie bar with wheel (for use at sand drags)



Top Speed - Apx. 80 MPH with current gearing
Speed up Olds Hill - Apx. 48 MPH
Ride wheelies in 1st and 2nd gear (very well balanced) with one or two people.
Easily climb 100 Dollar Hill @ Cinders (Flagstaff, AZ)
Drag race with quads on flats or hill if fairly smooth
Speed on 300 foot sand drag strip: Apx. 56 MPH
Dune with any group (apx. 50 mile range)

Video Clips


More images - Click to view

Wheelie Bar as shown in
video clip at sand drags
Owner's Note:

This has been a fun and very reliable vehicle for many Dune,Desert and Cinder trips. I would typically put well over a 100 miles on it in a weekend and would usually come back just needing to be cleaned and the chain adjusted and lubed. After ripping up the hill a few times and parking it always draws a crowd. I have given countless rides to friends and strangers wanting to experience wheelies and running the Hill. Rhinos maybe the in thing right now but they are still no where near as fast as this cart.

Since these photos were taken I have added a reverse mechanism powered by a 24 volt wheel chair motor, the rear shocks upgraded to Fox Shocks and rear axles and center section updated for more travel and a cleaner appearance.

Reason for Selling:

I no longer have the opportunity to use it much.

Price as is $8,500
A price could also be negotiated with fresh paint, powder coating and chrome.

Lot of money for a Golf Cart? Your forgetting that it is not a golf cart. It just looks like one.

If you have a buddy with a Polaris RZR and want to knock it back into the stone age this is cheap a way to do it with guaranteed results. Consider the price of an RZR, suspension kit, wheels, cage, paint, and some motor mods to just barely beat another one. Or you can smoke it bad and not have add a thing.

At the “Cinders Hills” on Labor Day weekend we took a stock RZR in our camp and picked a long hill that it could just barely climb. Took quite a while to claw its way to the top. This cart went up @ 48 MPH sustained (GPS verified).


Contact Jeff @ 623-915-9856 or 623-334-3219 or email @


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