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Rhino Street Bike Motors

As you may have guessed.... this isn't a Rhino at all. It was built as if it was going to be a mini-rail, but configured to fit Rhino plastic. The result is a vehicle with the performance characteristics of a motorcyle engined sand car with the look of a Rhino. I wanted a vehicle that was fast, well balanced, reliable, fun and safe and took advantage of the super popular Rhino trend.
Yamaha Rhino




2005 Honda CBR 1000RR / Fuel Injected 
Apx. 145 HP

Transmission 6 speed with reverse gearbox
Final drive

BMW differential (automotive) with BMW CV axles

Frame 1 3/4" round tube chassis
Roll cage 1 1 3/4" round tube
Rear suspension BMW Trailing arms
Front suspension Double A-Arm (chromoy)
Front Shocks

1 Fox coil over with remote resovoirs and 1 Fox adjustable dampening per side

Rear Shocks

King coil over with remote resovoirs and dual rate springs

Brakes (front) Tatum 2 piston caliper (1 per wheel)
Brakes (rear) 4 piston calipers (2) mounted inboard
Clutch   Hydraulic
Fuel Capacity 5 gallons
Air filters 2 K & N with Outer Wears

Rear Ant-Sway bar



Movie Clips

Video Clip 1



Top Speed - Apx. 75 MPH with current gearing (could be changed for more top speed on pavement)
Speed up Olds Hill   - Apx. 42 MPH (steep side)
Drag race with quads on flats or hill if fairly smooth
Will beat a Polaris RZR very badly or a supercharged Rhino even worse
Dune with any group (apx. 50 mile range)


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Owner's Note:

This project was built last fall and run all dune season and summer of 2007 and fine tuned to perfection. It was stripped down to bare frame September 2007 and freshly powder coated, painted and detailed. It is in beautiful pristine condition.
This was built with serviceability in mind and all parts are documented as to their origin and replacement. We have built many projects like this over the last 8 years in the same location in Glendale, AZ. We continue to service, repair, modify, or upgrade any of those vehicles regardless of who currently owns them. Check out our website for other Rhino modifications and other vehicles for sale.

At the “Cinders Hills” on Labor Day weekend we took a stock RZR in our camp and picked a long hill that it could just barely climb. Took quite a while to claw its way to the top. This vehicle went up @ 42 MPH sustained (GPS verified).

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